Background History

When you start tracing your ancestors, it is often very tempting to get back as far as you can as quickly as you can.  This way you end up with a lot of names and dates, but not much in the way of real, interesting information.

You may decide to find out a little more about your ancestors, using wills and other records to try and find out what they did in their life, whether they owned property or land.  This part of your research can be very rewarding, if you can find the appropriate records.

But not every ancestor will have such specific documents attached to them.  Particularly if your ancestors belonged in the working or poorer classes.  How, then, can you find out more about their way of life and what their day-to-day life may have been like?

1024px-Entrance_to_the_pier,_Bournemouth,_England,_1890sThis is where local and general historical research can come in.  You may not be able to find something relating specifically to your ancestor, but local history, occupational and national history can tell us a lot about how our ancestors lived.

If you can tell me your ancestor’s occupation and where they lived, and whether they moved around at all, then I can research the history of their occupations, their local areas and the national events that would have been happening during their lifetime, and how it might have affected them.

I offer two packages for this research:

One Ancestor


Three Generations of the same family