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Find cousins and other lost relatives

CousinTreeWith the rise of the internet, it has become increasingly more possible to find lost relatives, and it has become an important branch of the genealogical search.

There may be several reasons for wanting to find lost relatives:

  • You may have been researching your ancestry and become interested in getting in touch with distant cousins descended from your ancestors’ siblings.
  • You may have lost touch with a relative and wish to find out where they are now.
  • You may have an ancestor who ‘disappeared’ and you want to find out what happened to them, or if they have any living descendants.
  • You may be a lawyer looking for a missing heir/s.

I will be honest with you.  This is not always an easy task, particular where you are trying to find a specific person.  Sometimes people do not want to be found.  In this case, if they have changed their name and covered their traces, the chances of finding them are very small indeed.

The first one is a little easier, and in most cases it is possible to find some of your cousins, but NOT ALL.  Tracing descendants tends to be more difficult than tracing ancestors.  This is because people tend to leave traces or clues as to where they’ve BEEN, but they don’t usually leave evidence of where they’re GOING!

At times it can become impossible, usually in a case where a descendant has, or marries someone with, a very common surname.

HOWEVER, if we manage to find at least a few cousins, they can sometimes give you more information about other relatives, and so fill in missing gaps in your research.

I am experienced in all forms of living person research, and I also work for an official heir hunting company.

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