Written Family Histories & Reports

You’ve done the research, you perhaps have a family history going back several centuries – but what you have ended up with is a big chart, and piles of research notes with names, dates and random bits of information.

But now you want to make it all come together into some sort of cohesive format that you and your family can read and say ‘This is my family history’.  Names and dates mean nothing if there is no narrative, and no sense of movement through time.

If the thought of writing this up into a presentable or publishable format is daunting to you, then let me do it for you!

I will take your family tree chart and the information you have accumulated and write it into a proper historical ‘story’, starting with the earliest known ancestor and taking the family’s history right through time to the present day.  I will use the background of general history to create the setting for your ancestors’ lives.

I can do this for just one line of your tree – or some or all of them.

Please contact me to discuss the fee, which will be somewhere between £250 and £1000.