Genealogy Research in the UK

Professional Research in the United Kingdomcregeen-family

There are several different ways to order research services, depending on your budget and search requirements.   Please scroll down the page to find the service that will suit you.

PLEASE NOTE – Due to an overload of work, I am currently not accepting any new clients until February 2018 at the earliest.

Hourly Search Service: £25 (about $36) per hour

My hourly service may be the best option if you are researching your own family tree, but need a professional genealogist to get you past a brick wall, or you need research doing in Warwickshire.  It would also be a good option if you want to carry out the research in small stages, keeping control of how much you spend.  You can start with a minimum of two hours, and pay either in advance or in arrears (with a small deposit).

This is how it works:

1.  You set a spending limit (a minimum of £50 for 2 hours).

2.  You pay £50 in advance.

3.  I will carry out searches up to the agreed spending limit, and no further.  I only charge you for the work done.  I will send you the balance to be paid by invoice along with my report.

4.  If there is potential for further research, then we agree another spending limit, and so on.  However, there is no obligation to continue if you do not wish to.

I accept payments by Paypal, bank transfer or cheque. To request this option, or ask for more details, please email me at

Choice of 5 Research Packages

These packages are your best option if you are tracing ancestors from scratch and do not wish to, or are unable to, carry out the research yourself.   They are based on a starting period of the early 20th or late 19th century, but if you have already done some research, and wish to start with an earlier date, then the details will be slightly different, to be discussed with you.

The payment for these packages is in advance, and you can pay safely online by clicking on the BUY NOW buttons.  However, if you would prefer to discuss them with me first, please email me at


What will I find out?

  • At least one generation back from where the research starts
  • Names, ages and occupations of your ancestors
  • Where they lived and who they lived with
  • Where they were born

What will I receive?

  • At least 1 birth or marriage certificate, whichever is more appropriate
  • Copies of at least 3 relevant census records
  • My detailed report including:
    • Transcripts of all documents
    • Comments on any historical points of interest
    • My assessment of the potential for further research

 To order the STARTER PACKAGE click here

 BASIC PACKAGE:  £200 ($288)

What will I find out?

  • At least 3 generations of 2 lines of your ancestors
  • Names, ages and occupations of your ancestors
  • Where they lived and who they lived with
  • Where they were born
  • Further information on your ancestors’ occupations and the places where they lived

What will I receive?

  • Transcripts of all documents
  • Up to 3 birth, marriage and death certificates, if necessary
  • Copies of all relevant census records (1841-1911)
  • My fully detailed report including:
    • Comments on any historical points of interest, including occupations and local history
    • Links to websites giving further information, where appropriate
    • My assessment of the potential for further research
    • A small family tree chart showing all ancestors discovered

To order the BASIC PACKAGE Click here:

 FULL PACKAGE:  £625 ($900)

What will I find out?

  • Several generations going back to the 17th century, and possibly earlier on 2 or morelines
  • Names, occupations, lifestyle & locations of your ancestors
  • Where available, detailed information on your ancestors’ major life events (e.g. migration, military, criminal records)
  • Where possible, further information on your ancestors’ possessions and family life

What will I receive?

  • Up to 10 birth, marriage and death certificates, if necessary.
  • Copies of all relevant census records (1841-1911)
  • Copies of parish register records, i.e. baptism, marriage & burials
  • Copies of any other appropriate documents, where available, which could include wills, immigration records, military records, criminal records, newspapers, land records etc.
  • Copies of any reports for research carried out by other British genealogists.
  • My fully detailed report including:
    • Transcripts of all documents
    • Any relevant local/national historical information concerning the lives of your ancestors, with pictures & links to other informational websites.
    • My assessment of the potential for further research
  • Family tree and pedigree charts showing all ancestors discovered

To order the FULL PACKAGE click here:

 GIFT PACKAGE: £875 ($1261)

The ideal gift for a loved one!

What will I received?

  • All of the above Full Package
  • Charts and a chronological written report
  • All the above presented in a bound folder along with copies of documents

To order the GIFT PACKAGE please email me at

Please note that this package needs to be ordered with a MINIMUM of three months’ notice.


What will I find out?

You will receive all the information that you would in the Full package, but on top of that you will also receive information about how your ancestors lived and how the events of local, national and world history would have affected them.

What will I receive?

  • All of the above full package
  • A report on the background history that would have affected how your ancestors lived.  This would include research on the following:
    • Village and town history
    • National and world history
    • Occupational history
    • Research on costume, education and lifestyle.
  • A full, written biography of at least 10 pages about the ancestors that I have researched, starting with the earliest and telling their lives as time went by.  Includes images (where copyright is available)
  • All the above presented in a bound folder along with charts, copy documents and any other images that are available under copyright law.

To order the Research & Writing Package please email me at to arrange an advance deposit and to discuss details.

Where research needs to be done in local archives, I have a contact list of experienced and well qualified British genealogists who will carry out research in areas I do not have access to.  This saves you the time and hassle of trying to find a professional genealogist in every area that your ancestors lived.

If for any reason it is not possible to continue researches due to lack of information or availability of resources, we can discuss any further searches that can be done (e.g. follow a different line) or, if required, I will refund the balance of the fee.

To order any of these services I will need the following information:

Your name, email address and postal address

Information about your earliest known ancestors (names, dates and places of birth etc, if known)

What searches you have already carried out, if any.

Any specific information you wish to find out. Send this information to

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Genealogist

Although the internet has made it much easier for amateurs to start tracing ancestors, there are still many good reasons for hiring a professional genealogist:

  • A professional genealogy researcher often has access to records that may not be available to other members of the public
  • Research, particularly before 1837, often necessitates visiting local archives, and a professional genealogist can do this for you if you are not able to travel to that location.
  • A professional genealogist knows which resources are the best to search at each step
  • A professsional researcher will have a pool of known and trusted British genealogists who can be called upon to search local archives, saving the client the time and hassle of finding a different researcher in each county.
  • A good professional will have a knowledge of British history that often assists in research, and contributes to the quality and richness of the information found.
  • A professional genealogist is experienced in reading old handwriting which the amateur may often find difficult.
  • Using a professional genealogy researcher will help you to not fall into the many pitfalls that amateurs often do (e.g. relying on secondary sources, not understanding name spelling variations etc)
  • You will save time, and possibly money, by not acquiring unnecessary documents
  • Often the client and the professional work together to solve difficult problems and this can greatly increase your chances of breaking through brick walls.

Tracing ancestors is never quite as easy as it looks on some of the TV programmes – and I will be happy to work with you to try and get through those inevitable brick walls.