Genealogy Writing Service

genealogy writingResearching your family history is fun and exciting, and can keep you occupied for many hours, and take years to develop a full family tree.  But with all the interesting information you accumulate, it can easily just end up as pages and pages of names, dates, life events and a large and difficult-to-read chart.  You need something that will pull it all together into a proper history; something that you can actually pass on to your own family that will be interesting to read.  The answer is to write your family history into ancestral stories that bring your ancestors to life and puts them into the context of local and national history.  As many people find this kind of writing difficult, this is where my genealogy writing service can help.

As well as professional genealogy, my other main skill is in writing.  I have written historical articles for some of the big family history magazines such as Family Tree Magazine and Family History Monthly, I have written two historical novels and I have had numerous historical and genealogical articles published on the internet as well as on my blog.

Other genealogists are only interested in carrying out the actual research, but I absolutely love writing about ancestors and breathing life into them, so you can see how they lived, how they dressed, what their daily lives would have been like and what they would have been aware of and thinking about during their time on earth.

Even if you only have a few basic details about an ancestor (such as birth, occupation, marriage and death), I can still write a biography of this person using local and national history, details about their occupation, and using images.  If you would like to see an example of a single ancestor’s biography, you can download the biography of my own great-great grandfather to see what you would get for 10 pages.  This was what I produced using only census, bmd and occupational information.

I can offer you 3 packages, starting with a single person’s biography, or a more extensive history of between 2 and 6 generations.  I have described each package below – but if you want something slightly different, please email me at and we can discuss the details.  You can also combine a biography with one of my research packages (see my Research Services page for more details) and save money.

PACKAGE A: (Download an example HERE)

  • 10-15 A4 Pages with illustrations
  • The story of one ancestor or family group covering 50-80 years
  • Includes local history & background research
  • Presented in small presentation folder


£225 if combined with Starter Research Package (usually £75)


  • 15-30 A4 Pages with illustrations
  • The story of 2-3 generations of your family covering 80-150 years
  • Includes local history & background research
  • Presented in ring binder


£550 if combined with Basic Research Package (usually £200)


  • 30-50 A4 Pages with illustrations
  • The story of up to 6 generations of your family covering up to 300 years
  • Includes local history & background research (+ photography if available)
  • Presented in a large ring binder


£1300 if combined with Full Research Package (usually £625)

Payment can be via Paypal, bank transfer or cheque.  If ordering by Paypal you will need to add 5% to cover fees.

You can either pay the total amount in advance, or if you prefer in two stages: 50% when you make the order, and the final 50% on completion, for which I will invoice you before sending the finished item.

If you wish to use this service, this is what I need from you:

  • Send me an email ( telling me which package you would like to purchase.
  • The name or names of all the ancestors you wish to be included in the biography, along with their birth, marriage and death details, and any other facts that you know about them.
  • If you can, please send a tree attachment using an FTM or GEDCOM file – or if it is published on, send me an invitation to view the tree via Ancestry.
  • Your own name, address, telephone number and preferred email address.

Don’t forget, if you have any questions about my genealogy writing service, or you wish to discuss the details with me before committing yourself, please email me at