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The Life of a Victorian Actress

In a time when women were more or less the property of men, actresses, and other female entertainers, had a rather unique place in society. Following a ‘profession’, the kind of career choice that was barred to most women, gave the actress an autonomy that has more similarities to a woman of the late 20th century than those of her own age. Continue reading

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Old Occupations: The Creative Gene

I come from an extremely creative family.  My father was an actor, and occasionally liked to pen a word or two; my mother is an artist; my brother is an actor, film maker and musician.  My nephew is studying music, … Continue reading

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English Occupations and Your Ancestors

Whilst rooting around in your family history, you will learn what your ancestors did for a living – at least as far back to the early 1800s, and beyond if you are lucky. This is often one of the most … Continue reading

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